About Bridle Trails Senior Care

Our desire is for you and your loved one to be not only comfortable with our home, but excited to be a part of the vibrant atmosphere that Bridle Trails Senior Care offers. Our home is equipped to meet the needs of your loved one while at the same time, allowing individuals to feel independent. You will quickly realize that our conduct gives individuals the freedom to participate in home life in a manner they feel most comfortable. So, if a home environment is your preference over the large facility atmosphere, then Bridle Trails Senior Care may be the place for you.

Because of our commitment to you, in the morning, the mesmerizing aroma of homemade bread may awaken your loved one, as we bake our own bread daily. Our living room is booming with life as you and your loved one can participate in all kinds of activities that we set up throughout the day. Soft music is playing in the background as you work on a puzzle or enjoy a game of bingo. Winding down the day, enjoying a bag of popcorn and a movie is something you can expect with regularity at Bridle Trails Senior Care.

Typical Day in Bridle Trails Senior Care

Adult Family homes are becoming more common. As people are learning more about senior care homes there are questions that need to be answered. One of the big questions people are asking is this:

What does a typical day look like in Bridle trails senior care home? Before answering this question we want you to be aware that most homes are vibrant and full of activity. Furthermore, here is what you can expect in a home on any given day.

Beginning at about 6:30 am or 7:00 am, the morning routine starts. The staff oversees the morning routine of residents which for some means lots of assistance while for others it’s just simple oversight. Individuals are assisted with the basics. This means toileting, showering, and getting dressed. Again, all this is depending on one’s level of care.

Between 8:00 am and 9:00 am breakfast is served. Getting to the breakfast table early and enjoying a cup of coffee is a resident favorite. Along with breakfast, the staff oversees the administering of medications. Medications differ for each resident. Mealtime is a wonderful time for socializing and interacting. Either during or after breakfast residents focus on the newspaper and the morning news. Conversations about the news are also very lively. After breakfast is also a time to focus on doing resident makeup and hair. The staff has to wear multiple care hats including that of a hair or salon stylist.

One of the other hats the staff wears is that of custodian. After breakfast, the staff tidy up the resident rooms and bathrooms and get laundry started. Exercises are a big part of everyday activity. Morning exercises such as range of motion and walking are done either individually or in a group setting. Some homes have one of the staff focusing on this while other homes use video exercises to motivate participation. Card games are also popular for stimulating cognitive exercise. Bingo is a home favorite in many homes. Arts and crafts are also utilized depending on the resident ability. Some homes may focus on arts and crafts during this time.

Lunch is served at around noon. Soups, salads, and fruits are very common at lunch. Meals are catered to resident preferences, diet restrictions, and seasonally available fresh fruits and produce. After lunch residents take advantage of the time to relax. Some choose to nap in their room or relax in the living area. In the spring and summer, residents may go outside to socialize or walk. Of course, this is very much dependent on the weather here in the Northwest.

Afternoons can get pretty busy. This is especially true for those that have visitors coming in. Visitor dropping in and interacting with loved ones makes the demeanor of the residents one of enthusiasm and excitement. Music and activity persons are also very common in homes. Some come on a weekly basis in order to bring entertainment to the home. Various games and puzzles are also common in the afternoons.

Dinner is served at around 5:00 pm with delicious home-cooked meals being the norm. Dinner is the heartiest meal of the day. Folks can enjoy anything from pulled pork to salmon, to chicken and rice. Most homes have great variety in meals. Popcorn and a movie, or watching a ballgame or the evening news usually follow dinner.
Beginning at 7:00 or 7:30 the day slowly winds down. Residents follow the evening routine of getting dressed, taking medications, and slowly getting ready for bed. It is not uncommon for folks to read a book or watch a show before going to bed.
The typical day in Bridle Trails Senior Care homes is full of life and activity, providing a great living option for your loved one!

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